Exhibition Themes

This exhibition invites people to contemplate the power of the visual in communicating important messages and convictions. Instead of scrolling quicky through hundreds of images on a phone without reflecting their deeper meaning, this exhibition calls on visitors to immerse themselves in the physical presence of remarkable artworks with fascinating stories. Take time to look closely and reflect on what you see. While the labels express what the curator would like visitors to think about, many other aspects may be compelling to you personally—perhaps the subject matter, the colours, or the materials. Which work of art will you remember after leaving, and why?
A photo of a large art installation of hundreds of strings of photos hanging from the ceiling.
A neon art work: God Is Alive, He Shall Not Die
Calligraphy stating “Ya Baqi,” “Oh, Everlasting”
A photomosaic of 3 views of one man standing by a chair.
Painting of a boat with pious figures flying above.
A photograph of two women with writing composited over it.
A portrait of two women and a boy in Senegal from the early 1900s
A photograp of a cast bronzed statue of a woman carrying a jug on her head.
A still image from an animation.
The stories of "The Assemblies"
A Sea Serpent Swallows the Royal Fleet
Ink on gold paper
A collage type work with crowned figure sitting on a large throne with woman's legs
Portrait of Shah ‘Alam II. He is under a gold canopy adorned with peacocks.
Panel from a Mirror Case with Fath ‘Ali Shah and Courtiers
A scan of a a page of a 17th century manuscript depticting the constellation Perseus
Scarf printed with an image of Sultan Qaboos bin Said al-Said