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Calligraphy stating “Ya Baqi,” “Oh, Everlasting”

China, 19th century

Ink on paper

68.5 x 34.5 cm

Harvard Art Museums, 33.2004

#1This calligraphy spells out:

#2In the Arts of Muslim Cultures, the unfathomable qualities of God may be referenced

#3This calligraphy has been written

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Portrait of Shah ‘Alam II

Signed by Khairallah (fl. 1800–30)

India, dated 1212 AH/1797–98 CE

Opaque watercolour, ink, and gold on paper

Aga Khan Museum, AKM910

#4Which dynasty does this portrait show an emperor of?

#5Mughal portraits often emphasize the dynasty’s great ancestor

#6In this painting, the emperor sits on the replica of a throne commissioned by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in order to emphasize the splendour of his age. It is known as

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A Sea Serpent Swallows the Royal Fleet

Folio from a manuscript of Gulshan-i ‘Ishq (The Rose Garden of Love)

India, probably Hyderabad, ca. 1710

Opaque watercolour and gold on paper

39.3 x 23.5 cm

Aga Khan Museum, AKM167

#7The hero of this story is Prince Manohar. He is depicted...

#8The story of Manohar’s quest to find the princess with whom he has spent a magical night is a metaphor for a human being’s search for...

#9In the exhibition, you can see a contemporary rendering of Manohar’s story by artist

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On the Banks of the Nile

Mahmoud Mukhtar (1891-1934)


Cast bronze

Height 62 cm

Barjeel Art Foundation

#10This statue is intended to represent the character and qualities of which modern nation?

#11This depiction of a woman engaged in an everyday task is made monumental by drawing on the forms of

#12The artist Mahmoud Mokhtar made this work during the period when Egypt was under the rule of