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My grandma

My grandma is very smart and talented. She cares for the family and does so many things every day to make sure we are healthy and happy.

Izzy 4

People who inspire me:


the words of Rumi inspire me every day as I feel he has been on my journey too.  He wrote his truth in a way that I can relate to being human is not knowing everything.

Zeni 67

A hero acts with integrity, compassion, and conviction. They have beliefs but their beliefs do not have them; they understand that change happens, even to our beliefs, True champions do not judge others’ ideology, faith, or views. Instead, they seek to understand, bridge differences, and promote peace. Mythical heroes sometimes flew, but a real hero’s feet are firmly on the ground where they are not above us. Yet they are often unwittingly in front of us, leading by example and with courage.  Whatever bold act, honorable stand, radical kindness, sacrifice, or generosity done by a hero, they do not look for adulation, a spotlight, or honours. They are aware the reward is in knowing they did their best, were true to themselves, and served others – that they were the hero they were meant to be. 

India Taylor 63

My mum is my hero because she never let the environment affects her happiness. 😊

Jessica 30

Front line healthcare workers. They put their lives on the line every day.


Mommy is my hero because her power is love. That’s why she’s my hero.

Stella 4

Muhammad Ali is my hero.  For someone at their height to give up everything because of their convictions and to take a stand is really empowering.

H.P 71

My hero is my twin brother.  He’s the one I look to for inspiration and for what’s possible in my own life.

Hafiz 37

My mom is my hero because her strength and resilience continues to inspire me.


For me, a hero is someone who stays true to themselves while helping others.

A.C. 29

My dad was my hero hands down. Gave me the advice that I carry with me always – “Whatever decision you make is the right one.”


There is no need to label people as heroes. Everyone has the same capacity for good and evil. One person’s hero is another person’s villain.


I am inspired by people who are good at sports. It takes a lot of work to be good at sports so those people are my heroes.


There is no such thing as heroes. There are only good people and bad people.


People who protest injustice are heroes.


What are heroes?

I think that heroes are people who think of others before themselves and always have time to help even if they’re busy doing other things.


Heroes make me feel happy about the world because it proves that there are good people.

Sally 11

A hero is selfless, a genuinely good person, and someone gets the undivided attention of all of us and causes change. Someone willing to risk their own life to save another.